Magnum Drinking Opus: Costa Rica

Getting our drink on in Costa Rica
I have a soft spot for the national beer of Costa Rica, as I do with the rest of the country (barring San Jose which is a dump) because it is where I spent two of the best weeks o…

Magnum Drinking Opus: Nicaragua

Drinking in Nicaragua
As the Magnum Drinking Opus stops off in Nicaragua, I have already realized that writing about generally tasteless lagers is a fairly tedious undertaking. However I promise to con…

Magnum Drinking Opus: Honduras

It's time for a Life Saver (not the hard candy)...
The first beer I had in Honduras was not so oddly with the first meal I had in Honduras. It also happened to be the best meal I had in Honduras. Grilled chorizo with plantains bea…

Magnum Drinking Opus: Guatemala

What to (and not to) drink while in Guatemala
Guatemalan beer breaks down into two distinct categories: Gallo and everything else.   Gallo is also affectionately known as Chicken Beer for very obvious reasons. Co…

Foodstuffs on Caye Caulker

Info on eating out on Caye Caulker
For such a small place, Caye Caulker has a serious amount of places to eat. And amongst them is quite a variety. I will start this post by saying how impressed I was with the food…

Magnum Drinking Opus - Belizean Edition

Drinks in Belize
Beer in Belize pretty much begins and ends with Belikin.     In fact, all beer produced in Belize does in fact begin and end with Belikin. From what we were told on C…

Magnum Drinking Opus - Mexican Edition

Worldwide Drinkers first stop - Mexico
I will begin this by stating very clearly this will not include Corona or Dos Equis. Yes you can get both, but neither are readily available nor the drink of the masses. Dos Eq…

Magnum Drinking Opus - Prologue

The beginning of a world wide beer-a-thon
So I drink beer – shocking I am sure. You don’t get my figure without having many a night slurping down the delicious empty calories   It should also not come as a surprise …

So I'm hungry.... You?

Let me begin by stating, for the record, I love Mexican food. Seriously love it. Spicy Mexican food was what snapped me out of eating from the kids menu. The food I experienced…

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