Yoga in Utila

Aug 07, 2014


20140604_113319.jpgAfter finishing up my third yoga practice back on Utila a couple weeks ago (my 5th practice on the trip, and probably my 10th ever), I must say that it’s pretty great. I’m not a huge yoga enthusiast in that I don’t practice regularly - obviously, although I did work at a yoga studio back home (shout out to Prana Yoga!) and can certainly appreciate all that it has to offer. If you’re on the island for any amount of time, I would highly recommend stopping in for a practice, or several, at Yoga Utila. They have a few different instructors and several different classes to offer, ranging from beginner (me!) to advanced Ashtanga Vinyasa and even SUP yoga for the truly balanced individual. Each practice is an hour and a half long, allowing for a deeper practice and it ends with a mini neck/shoulder massage during Shavasana. Being more of a beginner myself, I have found myself asking, “Why am I putting myself through this torture?!” about halfway through every practice but by the time the practice is over I am always so glad that I did. The instructors have been so warm and inviting and are so very good at what they do. I invite everyone, regardless of experience, to give it a try. Practices are on a donation basis, with the 20140604_112950.jpgrecommended amount ranging from $4 USD to $8 USD. Mats are always provided, as well as other necessary tools. As for that SUP yoga, I would love to try it……when I can actually do a down dog on a solid floor and not want to collapse. 



The schedule changes monthly so be sure to check out
their Facebook page to get the most up-to-date schedule! 


Roam on!





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