Travel Requires Leaps of Faith: How This All Began

Mar 04, 2014

I just came across the exchange between me and Jen via Facebook that started it all...
  • Elissa Krowe Sundman

    Dude. Your post about St. Croix just made me think of this... So what if I told you that Matt and I are "planning" a major adventure to (possibly) India-->Thailand-->Australia within the next year and a half? And that we were talking about how much fun it would be if you and Teague came with us. Our plan is to start in India and work a bit for my Dad's company over there and then hop around making our way to Australia where we would probably do some sort of HelpXchange (you can just google it)'s like WOOF if you know what that is. And just kind of bop around for as long as we can until we either run out of money and come home or decide to stay. We are thinking we would be gone for at least 6 months, hopefully more. And yes I'm serious. We have already paid off most of our debt so that we can start putting all our money into this. I mean I know Teague and you have like real jobs and such but....just sayin.

  • Jen Hays
    Jen Hays

    Well Dude. I almost threw up with excitement when I read this. !! hahaha What kind of work would you be doing for your dad in India? How exciting! Traveling around would really be a dream come true for me!


Yup, that was it. That's how this whole rigmarole got started. It's hard to believe how far we've come since that long shot conversation, but it's easy to see how many leaps of faith you need to take in order to do something like this. And I'm really glad that I took that first leap!


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Posted by Jen on
I too am glad that you made that leap of faith! I couldn't help but go back to find the conversation as well - it's funny to go back and read things knowing the evolution that has occurred since then! Can't wait to start this adventure with you and Matt!!

23 days & 23 hours! xo
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