Magnum Drinking Opus - Prologue

Apr 07, 2014

So I drink beer – shocking I am sure. You don’t get my figure without having many a night slurping down the delicious empty calories


It should also not come as a surprise that I plan on trying as many local brews as possible. If the locals are drinking it, I want to drink it.


I would in no way consider myself a beer snob. If I am buying a beer just to have some drinks with friends it is going to be something cheap and mass produced (preferably Highlife).


This does not mean I am not one to enjoy a nice microbrew with a ridiculously high ABV, the inevitably costs far too much.


All of this is leading up to the fact that this is the start of a worldwide beer trek (I will not exclude other forms of drink). So expect an overview/review of beers by country. Starting with the very next post.

Hopefully the reviews are more enjoyable than the brews (yes that is a spoiler)


Please remember, always enjoy responsibly. Unless it’s really good and you are already at your final destination.



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