Fast Friends - Bonds of Hatred

May 10, 2014

What do a German, an Irishman, two Canadians and four Americans have in common...? More than you would think. But the correct answer is they are all fast friends. 

Living in a hostel, one of two showers, two toilets, one kitchen and 16 beds means you are going to need to become fast friends with people as you are going to see them a lot. Plus isn't the point of travelling to meet new people and experiences different cultures.

As I mentioned previously the best thing about Cay Caulker was the people. Those people happen to be a German, Irishman and two Canadians. Friendships formed on the back of rum fueled nights of spirited hatred. Ok ok ok... hatred might be a bit of an overstatement. Stereotypes is much more accurate. Spirited stereotyping. 

Everyone being free to take shots at each other with no ill will as long as they could also own up to the stereotypes bestowed upon them. 

The lazy fat American. They fastidious, Nazi German. The overly apologetic Canadians, and the drunk leprachaun of Ireland. Everyone played their part, but in doing so everyone learned a bit more about each other's country and their personal beliefs, making fast friends, become faster, better friends.

For example, as the German did not shy away from her country's past, the Germany of today as she described is completely void of national pride. Should you hang a German flag to support the national soccer team during this upcoming World Cup, you would be branded a Nazi by your neighbors. Germans simply are not allowed to openly show pride in their country.

The best part about our new chums is that things did not immediately end with our departure from Belize. We traveled with the Canadians to Guatemala, and the Irishman has found his way to Honduras. Hopefully the German will decide to continue her stay abroad beyond her time on Cay Caulker and we see her again in the Eastern Hemisphere. Or at least we now have people to see again when we swing through their neck of the woods. Something I hope they would do should they come through ours. If nothing else we have a few more people to Facebook stalk.

Travel is better with awesome people. The people we met in Cay Caulker are awesome. That for me is what this is adventure is truly all about.


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