A German, An Irishman and Some Canadians Walk Into a Hostel...

Apr 15, 2014

It's been 10 days here on Caye Caulker, an island that is about 5 miles by 1 mile big. There isn't much to do here except laze around, swim at "The Split" and drink local rum and beer. We have of course been doing those things in excess while here.

The hostel that we are staying at has had a fair amount of people come through from all over the globe. Those that made an impression made a big one: our fine German friend from a tiny village near Bavaria with a quick wit and a love of "your mama" jokes; the jovial Irishman who was more tan from living in Brazil for years than anyone I've ever seen from the UK and who was traveling the world to find a place worth living; the young Canadian couple on vacation who stumbled in to the common area after a full day of travel and the airline misplacing their bags to meet the rest of us, piss drunk and spouting wildly politically incorrect jokes about each other, but still liked us the next day (or at least pretended to). You can become fast friends with people when you're forced into a hostel situation (hehe...read that outloud...it sounds like hostile situation...hehe).

We've been eating copious amounts of ice cream and fresh baked goods. A lot of tortilla chips with dabs of hot sauce on them for snacks (you eat what you can afford and oddly enough, salsa is crazy expensive here). Also a lot of making a mush of rice and beans and salsa with some lime juice and hot sauce and eating it with chips for dinner. It looks like a bowl of poop, but I assure you, it was delicious.


Lots of sitting on the dock at our hostel, watching sunsets and enormous stingrays and bonefish swim right by your feet. We got to lie on the top of the dock on our backs and watch the blood moon, dozing a little as we watched.  

Peaches, one of the dogs at the hostel, is one of the sweetest little furballs I've ever met. If you stop petting her she nudges your hand to make you start again. She, along with the other dogs, burrow into the sand in the shade to stay cool. It is postivitely adorable. Just look at that face...


This is a silly little post with all of my silly little favorite things on this island.




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