My Bedhead is Better Than Yours Vol II

May 06, 2014

Well folks, I promised (or threatened, whichever you feel best describes your feelings) that I would keep you updated on my hair goings on. I can honestly say that after a month of no conditioner or hair product at all (yes fellow curly haired peoples, I said NO conditioner or hair product...woah), I was pleasantly surprised with how my hair managed to remain only as ridiculous as it normally is. In fact my hair took to salt water as if I was meant to be born a mermaid...I mean tell me I don't look just like Ariel...


Spitting image? I know. This one's from Tulum, Mexico. 



This one only looks like I cut my hair impossibly short. I cannot confirm the reason for this. This one's from Caye Caulker, Belize.

IMG_1634.jpg         IMG_1637.jpg

This is also from Caye Caulker. Weird shit started happening dude...I just can't explain it. Perhaps it was the sunburn.



An updo in Flores, Guatemala. My weird right eye being much smaller than my left when I wake up (okay fine, always) thing is highly apparent here.



Woah. San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Woah.


As always, you're so welcome. 


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Posted by Pam on
Omigod I love you and your ridiculous girlfro.
Posted by Ronnie on
I wouldn't have noticed the eye thing, but now that you point it out .... ; )
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