Costa Rica's Actual Jurassic Park

Nov 09, 2014

You know that scene early in Jurassic Park, when Hammond, Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler and the weasely lawyer are approaching the island by helicopter and you see sweeping green vistas before they fly into a lush tropical valley and land next to a serine waterfall? Beautiful right.

Yeah, that is Costa Rica.

There is a reason Americans flock there for their vacations and every major hotel chain has set up shop on the West coast. It is gorgeous. It truly is the Western Hemisphere’s easily accessible natural playground. It kind of has it all.

All that of course comes with a price. A price that most backpackers see, cough a little in shock, and realize it will be a quick trip before getting to Panama. It is a completely understandable mindset, considering the relative inexpensiveness of both neighboring countries.

The problem with flying through Costa Rica to save some money is that Costa Rica is really nice. Really REALLY nice. Cost savings are good, but missing out on the splendor of Costa Rica’s absolute showstopper Manuel Antonio National Park is a trade-off not worth making.

Simply put Manuel Antonio National Park is the single best national park I have ever been to. It is Costa Rica’s real life Jurassic Park, but the animals won’t kill and eat you while on the tour – although they may steal your lunch.

All the animals they advertise you might see, you actually will see.

Check it out.


So their sign shows: Frogs, Lizards, Sloths, Monkeys, Butterflys all part of a jungled lined beach. 

Lets see what exactly we saw:


(Four foot lizard on a jungled lined beach - check)


 (Monkey type #1 - just playing in the trees)



(Red-eyed tree frog (they put this guy on post cards))



 (Sloth, doing more that just haning around)



 (More lizards - ones that prefer the jungle)



(Spiders, not everyone's favorite, but we saw a bunch of them)


IMG_2216.jpg (Monkey type#2 - a whole family in a single tree)


 (This cute little raccoon stole the same guy's lunch TWICE)



 (Looks like something from Wonka's factory)



(Trees that know how to defend themselves from over-zealous tourists)

IMG_0268.JPG (Not such a terrible view)



(One of I think 5 jungle lined beaches)

So, I don't have much more to add that the pictures and videos haven't already demonstrated.

Manuel Antonio National Park is awesome. It literally made Elissa jump for joy...


(Told ya)

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