Accommodations in Tulum: Hostel Riviera Maya

Apr 07, 2014


We ended up at Hostel Riviera Maya completely by accident, when our original plans didn’t work out due to there being no vacancy at our intended accommodation (read: make reservations when you know exactly where you’re going to be, at least for a few nights, unless you don’t mind wandering in the heat for a place to stay). The good news is that while we didn’t get to stay where we had originally planned, the Hostel Riviera Maya turned out to be the silver lining on a very long day of travel. 

 The hostel is rather unassuming and is situated right on Avenida Tulum just a few doors down from the ADO bus station. It is located on the second floor and both entrances from the street are secured with a locked gate, providing a good amount of security from sun down to sun up. The owner is a kind, small-statured man who speaks hardly enough English to make it worth while, so knowing some Spanish will be helpful. I didn’t get a full room count, but I believe there were at least 6 rooms that, from what I 

Hostel_Riviera_Maya1.jpgcould tell, had 2-4 beds in them, sleeping 2-7 or 8. We paid 150 pesos per person per night (which at the time of writing equates to just over $11 USD), which may or may not be considered a lot for a hostel all depending on what your priorities are. I deem it to be reasonable considering the fact that it’s on the main drag, but for the price and location, you’re going to be losing out on some other things.

 What this hostel lacks in typical hostel amenities though, it makes up for in convenience, cleanliness and coziness. So while it didn’t offer a bar, kitchen, or social atmosphere like most hostels do, we did have a private bathroom in a 4-bed room (that could sleep 7 or 8 – no bunks) all to our to ourselves. It was a nice way to acclimate to the backpacking lifestyle. The other nice thing that it offered was a ceiling fan and a killer breeze. Out of all the places we’ve stayed at so far (of which there have been three), it was by far the most comfortable. As I also mentioned, it was incredibly convenient. We were right in the middle of everything so it wasn’t too far of a walk to get fruits, drinks, and street meat. 

 That convenience however, came with a price. Being that it was right in the middle of everything, you could also hear everything that was going on. While our room was at the back of the building, we still had “windows” that looked into the common area, which was open to Avenida Tulum. Loud music played late into the night and as a main road, there were a lot of large trucks and traffic that flowed through early in the morning. Creating a short night for us light sleepers.


Overall, I would definitely stay at Hostel Riviera Maya again, given the opportunity. Comfort while sleeping is at the top of my priority list and that is exactly what I got. I’ll just remember to use my ear plugs next time! 

Roam on!






Written by Jen Hays
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