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Here are some things you should know about me: I was born in the hallway of the hospital on the way to the delivery room because I was apparently in a rush to be out and exploring the world; I had Spinal Meningitis when I was 3 months old and my mother was told I was most likely going to die; I NEVER believed in Santa Claus; I used to scale my kitchen cabinets in search of the hidden cookies; I stopped growing in 7th grade when I hit 5’1”, a fact which is clearly the crux of much humor as I’m sure you will read in my husband, Matt’s posts; I have a ton of wild, curly hair that does what it wants; I love to laugh and sing; I am left-handed but right side dominant; I LOVE surprises, so much so that I will go out of my way to avoid finding things out so that I can be surprised when I finally do; I can back squat 196 pounds; I have an MA in Visual Anthropology; I wore my mother’s wedding dress when I got married and it was every bit as beautiful as I remember thinking it was when I was little; I have flat feet; I’m a mover and a shaker; I change my mind A LOT; My brain is sometimes (read: almost always) so diametrically opposed to itself, that it sends me into a frenzy akin to a kitten going to town on a ball of yarn (this is not an exaggeration either…feel free to ask Matt, bless his heart); I have trouble focusing on a piece rather than the whole; I love to do crafts but they never turn out quite the way I want them to; my train of thought is often like one long run on sentence; I live to experience the world; and most importantly I live and breathe for my family. 

Now that you know a little about me, here’s some more. I mentioned before that I have a degree in Visual Anthropology. This means I dig people. I dig their songs, their customs, their faces, their food, their dress, their worldviews, their cultures. I especially dig that, regardless of how different they might be from me, I’m still constantly proven that we as humans really are one big family, just with countless different traits. I believe beyond a doubt that all of humanity is connected at its core. It’s just a matter of noticing the ways in which this shines through the dissimilarity. Sometimes life gets in the way of this, but I like to bring to the surface those connections, no matter how small. Whether it be by a picture, a film, a written story or a sound clip, I like to show the world to itself. 


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