Magnum Drinking Opus - Mexican Edition

Apr 08, 2014

I will begin this by stating very clearly this will not include Corona or Dos Equis.

Yes you can get both, but neither are readily available nor the drink of the masses. Dos Equis was easier to find than Corona, but neither passed by my lips for the few days we were in Mexico.


The beer most consumed, most marketed and that I drank the most of was Sol.




Sol is a typical cheap beer. Nothing to write home about (pun intended). But when it and you are hot, which it and I most certainly was, an ice cold Sol is a godsend. Sol has the taste of a mass produced American lager. Low on flavor, but in no way offensive, they can be consumed quickly and cheaply roughly $1 each. This was my go-to beer in Mexico.

Many walks across the street from the Hostel Riviera Maya to the nearest convenience store for four more cold Sols. 


The best tasting beer in Mexico was Leon Negra.


A darker beer – not a stout or porter by any stretch, having a slight maltiness, it reminded you that even cheap beer can be more than yellow alcoholic water.

When buying Leon at Hostel Sheck buy the large one (think the size of a 40oz) rather than individual ones because you end up saving money – six for the price of five.

















Absolute swill.

Drank one and instantly regretted it.

Elissa asked me to finish hers, which under normal circumstances I would happily (...sometimes begrudgingly) do, but I absolutely and flatly refused.



Drink Sol.


That’s all for Mexico.



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