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Thanks for your interest in getting involved! You are cool just for being interested!

There are a few ways you can get invovled in our little voyage and we can't wait to see what you have in mind. Check out the options below and feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to get involved in some other way than we haven't listed.

Donate: You can donate to us directly to help us along the way or, better yet, help us help others by donating to our charity fund.

Donations to us: Your donations will be used to keep this site running and keep us going. All four of us will pool this money together and split it four ways to help us sustain our adventures. If you go this route, we humbly thank you and would love to get in touch with you to thank you personally.

Donations to the charity fund: This is one of the coolest things on our site. Donations to our Shoes.jpgcharity fund will be donated to an organization or a person in need. We will take nothing from this fund; it will go solely to people and organizations we happen upon in our our aimless roaming who need help. It could be cash for a stranger or a check made out to a youth organization for example. We'll take pics/vids of us donating and post them on the site, with mention of YOU for being so generous.    

Roaming Merch! Yep, we've got awesome merchandise to sell. Specifcially, great t-shirts that we think you'll love. The shirts we offer are customer printed by a good friend of ours on the best shirts we think you can buy made by NextLevel Apparel. The shirts are TriBlend Crewnecks and we wear them daily. They are super soft, durable, fast drying, and fitted for all sizes (Teague wears a size small and loves the atheltic fit).

Advertising: Looking to reach a diverse crowd of travelers from around the world? Want to get your product featured or reviewed? Would you like us to use your service and promote our review to the masses? Then get in touch with us by going to our Advertising section. We'll work with you to get your products in front of our visitors and out to the travel community.

We offer the following:

  • Expertly written reviews with a cheeky sense of humor which will be featured across our site, on multiple social media platforms, and throughout our personal blog posts.
  • Site advertising space.
  • Youtube advertising on our videos.
  • Travel consulting services for anyone looking to reach roamers of all types.
  • A partnership with four unique and talented people who have a passion for life and helping others.

Becoming a Guest Roamer: Wow, we are flattered that you want to contribute and we can't wait to hear from you. Go to the Becoming a Guest Roamer section and fill out our handy-dandy little form to get the ball rolling. We welcome all videos, blog posts, photo essays and any other creative and original pieces you would like to add to our site*.

Your contributions will be featured on our site and you will be given full credit for your contributions. You'll have a link to share with family and friends and a comment section where readers can interact with you. Our goal is to offer diverse perspectives on food, culture, places, accomodations, etc. and make our site a collaborative effort with our readers. Your contributions will go a long way towards reaching that goal and achieving our vision.

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