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What’s this all about…?

Most importantly we want to inspire you to travel. We want you to get up and get out. See what you want, when you can. It doesn’t matter if crisscrossing the globe is your desire or you simply need a temporary escape from your everyday routine. We want our ramblings to convince and help you prepare to visit someplace… anyplace. A destination set on a far off, mostly overlooked island or the park an hour from your door.

Above all else we want everyone to go, discover, and experience. Make your travel your own.

We may have a lot in common, will see much of the same things and share similar experiences, but what you’ll get from each of us will be contrasting takes and varied styles unique to each contributor. This site is not meant to provide a harmonious and unified voice with a single focus. I mean, where is fun in that?! 

Who we are...
We are two couples. One bound by marriage, one the courtship underway. We are old and new(er) friends. Tiny Teague and Miniature Matt met 20 years ago in Middle School. Fast friends, who even though years apart due to college and life in general, were able to pick up right where they left off.

Elissa and Matt got together an ocean away from home and have been married since college ended for both.

Jen and Teague have been the hottest item in town for years now.

The idea to roam the globe undoubtedly came while enjoying some pints. Both couples loved the idea of this trip so much, that they decided to make a go of it together. Simply put, we're traveling around the world for as long as we can, with no real plans of destination or duration. 

What we like...
Travel (Yeah, we get it, obvious we know, but it just had to be listed)

A love for people
A longing for adventure
A passion for culture
Exploration of all types
Personal development
Authentic Food
Sharing a drink, laugh, and shoulder to commiserate on

We are ambitious and outgoing without any reservations when trying new things, challenging ourselves and letting the world show us all it’s beauty.

How did we get here...?
That is better left for each of us to explain in our own words. To summarize briefly, we got to this point with plenty of planning, scrapping, saving and sacrificing. This is our dream and with the help of our friends and family we have been lucky enough to realize it.

We believe that the world is full of good people with diverse beliefs and perspectives who want the same things we all want. Our mission is to learn, to give, to help, to live and of course to roam.

How To Get Involved...
Been someplace you loved? Ate at an awesome Jamaican place recently? Have an amazing travel/life hack you’ve been dying to share?

We want you to have the opportunity to share your experiences.  Plus, honestly, who is better to pass knowledge than the locals and the life-long wanderers.

As much as we like to pontificate, we want to share the viewpoints of those who we meet along the way as well.

We’ll tell you how we roam; now you tell us, how do you roam? You write it, and we’ll (gladly) post it. Be a Guest Roamer.

Shameless Self Promotion
We hope to sustain our roaming lifestyle through our website, offering consulting services, sponsorship, and through freelance writing and photography. We all have unique specialties and we want you to take advantage of them. Talents ranging from website design and management to organizational psychology. Professionally, we are Managers, Marketing Specialists, Writers, Project Consultants, Product Testers and generally awesome people to have on your team.

We’re here to share our stories and to inspire all who join us in travel of their own. 

Roam On!

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