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jen_sunset_belize.jpgFrom the day I was born I was always wandering, I was always curious about everything around me. And I definitely was not ready or willing to do anything that anyone told me to do. I did things on my time, when I was damn well ready. I was "busy" as my mom calls it. Twenty seven years later, things have yet to change. I may be less curious about the world than a newborn, but I still enjoy discovering hidden gems and seeing new things and places and I am just as likely to take my time with whatever I'm doing, still doing it my own way on my own time. 

Naturally, I have grown into handling the inability to do certain things in my own way in my own time, such as that which comes with going to school and working for someone else, but it's not me. Not right now. I have an insatiable need to get back to who I am and rediscover that inner curiosity that I once had. To enjoy the act of wandering and exploring, and doing so the way that I want to, on my time. 

I am a free spirit who is pretty anal about certain things and who has a knack for planning. Try that one on for size! Yea, I'm impressed with myself that I can even keep up. Quick shout out to Teague for keeping up with me too! I suppose though if I weren't so easy going, things would be pretty difficult for both myself and those around me. Phew!

Because of the nature of this trip, it will challenge the person that I have grown into. [Side note: I almost took this little story in a direction that no one would ever really want it to go - did I mention that my mind is also usually in the gutter 90% of the time? - so, you're welcome. I put the breaks on. We don't know each other that well yet.] ANYWAYS, I am anal about things and I am a planner: two things that typically don't go well with fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants travel. I'm excited to take on this new adventure and to challenge who I've become, which was caused in large part by getting caught up in the fast-paced life that the US does so well at throwing us into. 


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