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Here is the requisite introduction.  Some background information about myself and maybe a look into the future, hinting at what you can expect from me moving forward. That being said…


I’m Matt. Matthew if you are my mother, wife, or anyone they have convinced to use my full name.

I would consider myself an average 30-something guy. I work a 9-5 (8-5 technically) for a good company sitting in front of a computer screen all day.

I am an unabashed sports and movie lover. An amateur foodie and household handyman. But that, as it is for everyone, is only the tip of the iceberg.

I am sarcastic and wordy, prone to a rant, quick with a quip. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up being schooled by Seinfeld and graduate into Bourdain.

So how about that peek into what to expect in the coming months I promised 10 sentences ago.

Well... Me basically. The globe from another perspective. One with an astigmatism - literally and figuratively.

I see this trip, trek, voyage, adventure, whatever it should be called as a gift. An opportunity. One I do not intend to let slip away. I find myself feeling incredibly grateful I am able to take this voyage on with my wife and best friend. She will try to keep me sane as I long for home and all my amazing friends who I wish could come with me and tethered from trying things that are maybe a little too crazy. In turn I hope to comfort her when she realizes that she is still the shortest person around at every stop we make. (Inside joke I know, but she is really small).

For me this is not an attempt to experience a spiritual awakening. I am not running away from anything in my current life. I do not feel that I need this to fill some void. I see this as a chance to learn and to grow. To take in other cultures and people. Varying points of view. New and different outlooks that may challenge my current way of thinking. I am looking for enrichment. I am looking to enjoy the beauty of this world and its inhabitants. The great places built by nature and by man. The smells, sounds, taste of places very different from the current sliver of earth I call my own.

Then I would like to share this with you. Observations, stories, thoughts, insights, reviews. All completely over-wrought and probably over-analyzed. Hopefully in a way you find amusing, enlightening, pithy or maddening. Really any way that keeps you coming back and maybe even convincing those in your sphere of influence to check this out.



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