Back On The Road Again

Aug 07, 2014

Looking back at the past 4 months, it’s crazy to think that we’ve actually only “traveled” for 3 and a half weeks.  If you want to count the first 10 days that we were on Utila staying in the dorms at Underwater Vision, then we can generously say that we’ve traveled for 5 weeks. So that’s 5 weeks out of a total of 18 weeks that we’ve been living out of our backpacks, while the remainder has been spent living comfortably in our lovely apartment on Utila. And when you think about it, the first 3 weeks of travel, well that’s like an extended vacation that just about anyone could take, and we were only a half of a days travel from home. So really, we are only just starting our travels now. And let me tell you, I’m feeling like there is more of an adjustment to hostel living now than when we first started! It was nice having the traveler lifestyle without the travel. What I mean by that is that we were in a new place with a new vibe, new people and new opportunities, but we were still stationary and still had a private place to call home, which didn’t include packing your bags every couple of days! Key word: “home.” Perhaps I’m missing home more now than I had been before and that’s partly to blame for the more difficult adjustment, but either way it’s taking its sweet time settling back into my mind. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m really excited to be back on the road and getting back into the swing of the one thing we set out to do: see the world. 

So here we are, at Bigfoot Hostel in Léon, Nicaragua. It’s a pretty chill place with ample places to hangout, a pool table, a pool (which is currently empty and tiny, though I think I hear it being filled as I type), a bar, and a café that serves pizza among a few other things. They also have a hostel out on the coast, which they offer shuttles to daily to enjoy an afternoon at the beach, as well as their most well-known activity, Volcano Boarding. Just imagine it, getting into a flame resistant capsule and cruising down the lava flow of a volcano!

JUST KIDDING! Nerd. But it’s kind of close. Minus the whole lava flow thing. And the flame resistant capsule. What Volcano Boarding includes is a hefty hour-plus long hike up a volcano, hopping into an orange jumpsuit that would make the girls of Orange Is The New Black totally jealous, and then flying down the side of said volcano on a toboggan at speeds upward of 50 mph. Hell yea! We’re scheduled to do it tomorrow so stay tuned for those pictures and reviews!!


Roam on!




Written by Jen Hays
Jen is a marketer with a passion for the digital world and an insatiable desire to travel and explore all that the physical world has to offer; marrying the two to share her experiences with and inspire all who join her along the way.

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