May 24, 2014

I had planned on writing this well before we left on this trip, but my words always seemed...pitiful. Pitiful in comparison to how I wanted them to sound.

The fact that we would not have been able to take this trip without the support of our friends and family is indisputable. At least not anywhere near as easily. We had multiple loved ones offering to watch our cats, buying us presents for the trip, offering to mail us things we may need along the way, check our mail, straight up handing us cash to put towards it (Tricica and Phil, you are amazing), offer us moral support along the way, you name it. I quite literally don't know what kind of orphans I saved, or people I pulled from fires, or what other karmic amazingness happened, because somehow the universe smiled on me when getting ready for this trip, in a way that I never expected. Not to mention the generosity and friendliness that we have found along the way. I think I might live my whole life and never be able to repay the kindness that we have received, but I do promise that I will try.

So thank you thank you thank you, EVERYONE, for helping me make this lifelong dream possible. I am humbled. Plain and simple. I will not waste this. 


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Posted by Magnus on
What makes us friends is that you don't have to pay anything back. We love you two and want only the best for our friends. If you want to pay us anything back, just live an awesome life, and live it to the fullest you can.

May the road ahead be long and winding, and we meet at it's end so we can share stories.
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