What's your first stop?

Mar 29, 2014

“Where are you going first?” This is the question that I’ve been asked most often over the past few days. I always answer “south Mexico before headed into Belize and Guatemala.” That answer is generally accurate but not very specific and doesn’t mean much to most people who aren’t familiar with that area. So with that in mind, here’s a more specific answer…


Our first stop is Tulum, Mexico (pictured left). Tulum is about a 2 hour drive headed south from Cancun. It is the site of a Mayan Pyramid that overlooks a small but beautiful beach. The area is also peppered with beautiful Cenotes which are basically open sink holes leading down into a large cave system which bores it’s way throughout the Yucatan. You can swim at the various Cenotes and you can even Scuba Dive into the cave system with a trained and familiar Dive Master.

I suspect we will stay in Tulum for a few days and just take time to decompress and acclimate a little before headed to Belize.

There are some great places to visit in Belize but we haven’t really nailed down where we’ll go. The Cayes are quite nice but we really haven’t spent much time looking into other areas. I’m hoping that we’ll encounter some travelers while in Tulum who can give us some recommendations.

Guatemala will follow Belize and again, we don’t have an itinerary but everyone generally agrees that we should be the obligatory visit to the Tikal ruins near Flores (pictured right). While Flores is typically the base camp for a visit to the ruins, I’m hoping to stay in El Remate, the smaller closer town that is nicely situated on the far eastern side of the lake. Tikal.jpg

After Guatemala, we’ll head to Honduras where we’ll meet up with our friend Scott who is flying into the Honduran capital city of San Pedro Sula. We need to make our way to the island of Utila, Honduras by the end of April so I can begin working on my Dive Instructor Certification throughout the month of May.

Where we go from Honduras is anyone’s guess but we’ll continue headed south at a leisurely pace taking recommendations from other travelers.


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