Magnum Drinking Opus: Guatemala

Nov 09, 2014

Guatemalan beer breaks down into two distinct categories: Gallo and everything else.


Gallo is also affectionately known as Chicken Beer for very obvious reasons.


Coming from Belize and drinking fun-sized Belikins, Gallo was a welcome change if for no other reason than the volume was back to being 12oz.

The taste of Gallo was no better or worse than any other flavorless lagers we had ‘enjoyed’ until that point.

When cold, a passable beer flavored liquid sold in bottles.  When not, well it is not great, and that is being nice. For our abbreviated stop in Guatemala, Gallo was the way to go.

Beyond Gallo’s best selling and most popular lager they offered both a Red and Black version. Other than the labels being different and there being the slightest taste difference (red had some extra hops and the black had a dash of maltiness) you would never know you were drinking something other than the original.


When not having Gallo, and against our better judgment, there were two other choices. Cheaper and far, FAR worse options:




Described by Elissa as smelling like ‘toxic piss.’ I do not think Brava should have been sold to the public and I have a hard time believing it would have been allowed for production or distribution by the Food and Drug Administration.


Dorada Ice


YIKES!!! And that review comes from a night drinking it exclusively because we were too broke for Chicken Beer. The night was fun until I realized the beer I was drinking would have been better had it simply been runoff from the Brahva bottling plant.


In summation, go to Guatemala. It is beautiful. When you do, stick with Gallo. There is a reason everyone already drinks it.

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