Utila Update

Jun 20, 2014


"So you guys have been pretty quiet on the blog lately."

 Yes, this is the truth. So that means that you're probably wondering what we've been up to this last month and a half since we've been on Utila. First, we've actually kind of "made a life" here on "the rock" as it is sometimes referred to. Teague has just tested out of the PADI IDC program, passing with flying colors, and has since moved on to the MSDT program within the week to conclude his dive training on Utila. With these certifications, Teague will be able to teach up to Dive Master once he completes the program making him more employable later on in our travels. Matt is spending his time catching every World Cup match possible and bartending at Skid Row Bar (usually both of those at the same time), handing out Guifity shots left and right much to the combined delight and displeasure of the island's fresh meat (new visitors). Jen and Elissa are bartending at Rehab Bar and Restaurant at the public beach, enjoying the swift breeze and beautiful views that it offers. Although more accurately, Elissa is now home for about a week and a half for the birth of her family's first grandchild - a very exciting time for them! But what else have we been up to while not slaving away behind the bar or in the classroom? Swimming and snorkeling at UWV, playing volleyball, going to the gym, yoga, mini golf, hanging out with friends, etc, etc, etc! We are currently planning on spending another 6-7 weeks on Utila before heading out for more adventure.



 Jen bartending at Rehab Bar


Teague during the IDC 


 Elissa enjoying a swim at UWV


Matt showing his dominance over Guifity 

We've got some more posts lined up in the queue just waiting to get posted. Thanks again to all for sticking with us while we quietly enjoy our island life!

Roam on!





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Posted by kjerstan on
oh, i don't think we are slaving away here at rehab... but it certainly has been fun to have you and elissa here with us, and for another 6 weeks yeah! we have to do a cookout at my house before you guys take off (now how can i write the schedule so we are all off on the same day)
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