Things I've Learned So Far

Apr 09, 2014

I've learned a few things so far on this trip that I thought I would like to share...

1. I burn in riduculous ways even when not applying sunscreen, involving patches of non-sunburned skin as if I had absentmindedly applied the sunscreen yet missed certain areas. Except I hadn't applied sunscreen at all. And I still have random sections that were seemingly unaffected by the sun.

2. I make poor decisions about reading in the shade which then becomes in the sun without sunscreen being applied. Shit.


3. Our little brood is terrible and then fantastic at making decisions about what we should do for dinner. For instance, tonight we debated for an hour and then wound up cooking rice and beans with salsa, onions, peppers,hot sauce and lime juice which was for the record, amazing.

4. It is difficult to find intimate time for you and your significant other when traveling like this. I'm not talking just for sex (sorry family) but really just for all private intimate interactions which you might be used to. Just something to keep in mind.

5. Apparently the ocean water on Belize during a minor wind/rain storm is literally like warm bath water. Seriously it was so warm it was ridiculous.

6. I need about a thousand more tank tops. 

7. I drink my mixed drinks way faster than anyone else...


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