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You can donate to us directly to help us along the way or, better yet, help us help others by donating to our charity fund.

Donations to us: Your donations will be used to keep this site running and keep us going. All four of us will pool this money together and split it four ways to help us sustain our adventures. If you go this route, we humbly thank you and would love to get in touch with you to thank you personally.

Donations to the charity fund: This is one of the coolest things on our site. Donations to our charity fund will be donated to an organization or a person in need. We will take nothing from this fund; it will go solely to people and organizations we happen upon in our our aimless roaming who need help. It could be cash for a stranger or a check made out to a youth organization for example. We'll take pics/vids of us donating and post them on the site, with mention of YOU for being so generous.    


*When donating, please be sure to make a note as to whether you are donating "To the Roamers" or "To Charity" to ensure that your funds are properly distributed. 


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