Campervan Around Australia with Erwin

Erwin carried Jen and I through Australia with determination and quiet grace. He kept us out of the rain, gave us a few laughs and occasionally pissed me off quite a bit but, Erwi…

Planning Your Visit To The Uyuni Salt Flats

So you’re thinking about doing the tour of the Uyuni Salt Flats. First and foremost, stop thinking about it and do it! It’s not a question as to whether you should do it or n…

A Week of Nature Ecuador Style: Part 2

  Baños I really had no idea what to expect when arriving into Baños. I knew that there was some sort of swing with a cool view and some thermal baths, and that’s about it. …

A Week of Nature Ecuador Style: Part 1

  Looking back on our last week in the Quito area of Ecuador, there is no way to do it without thinking to myself, “that was such an awesome week!” Several days spent outdoors …

Free walking tours/tours for tips are awesome

As a backpacker, nothing catches your eye like the word “free.” It could be “free toast dropped on the floor butter-side up” and you´d be all over it. So, when we encountered free…

Sunday Funday. Is It Really A Fun Day?

  With the average age of our foursome sitting at roughly 31.26 years old and knowing that we were on a tight budget, we were all a little unsure about how to go about this who…

The Glamour of Travel

A list of traveling nastiness
So you think that traveling the world is all glamour and shit? You think that everyday you get to see something with awe-inspiring beauty or some UNESCO World Heritage site? You t…

Yoga in Utila

  After finishing up my third yoga practice back on Utila a couple weeks ago (my 5th practice on the trip, and probably my 10th ever), I must say that it’s pretty great. I’m no…

Cool Kids Sit in the Front Row

The Travails of Traveling from Belize to Guatemala
One of the things I knew I was going to miss while away from home is driving. At home I did virtually all the driving. I like to drive. This is not any indication that I am a ‘car…

A Photo Essay: Semana Santa in Flores, Guatemala

We happened to be in Flores, Guatemala for Semana Santa (meaning Holy Week, which is the week leading up to Easter Sunday) and the festivites that occurred blew. me. away. On Goo…

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