The First Week of Travel aka The Vacation Stage

Apr 07, 2014

We've been going for 7 days now. You may ask yourselves how are we faring? Well, we have been faring quite well I think, thank you very much. Quite well indeed. We're safe, well fed, happy and healthy with the exception of a few tummy rumbles and bug bites. 

[The tummy rumbles are definitely a self-inflicted problem as we went after that street meat in Mexico with reckless abandon right off the bat...more on that later]
We have all decided that we are most certainly still in the vacation stage where our budgets have been loosely followed in favor of that extra cocktail or meal out because well, it still feels like we are just on vacation. 
This vacation stage has been filled with many adjustments that I think we've all taken in stride. Going from living alone with your husband and having all the amenities and comforts of home, to backpacking around Central America sure is a change. It's the little things that I've found myself missing: not having a full length mirror at my disposal, not having a whole closet full of clothing choices and not always having access to a kitchen. 
It's also amazing how small things that once mattered to you, don't so much when your traveling. Minute things like (and I know this is weird but deal with it) at home I strongly dislike touching garbage cans of any kind. Like I will go out of my way to find one that I can open with my foot or something so that I don't have to touch them. But when traveling, things like that just fall by the wayside. I've had to touch many a garbage can in the past 7 days let me tell you!
Not caring so much about what you look like is also something that just becomes the way of it, because well, you sort of have no idea what you look like. Teague just said to me this morning that he hadn't looked in a mirror in days. You just get used to that sort of thing. I mean I could have shmutz all over my face right now and i would have no idea! 
I am sure this vacation stage is fizzling out though and I can see some semblance of a routine setting in. We plan on staying where we are right now (Caye Caulker) for a couple of weeks so it will most likely start to feel like a kind of home, even if for just a short time.
And soon our pale skin and new(er) looking clothes, which act like a gigantic stamp on our foreheads that we are new to the road, will begin to change sunburn at a time.


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