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Welcome to the most informative place on the entire Internet! In and amongst the bloggy-ramblings of your beloved Roamers of That's How I Roam, you will find some intriguing, intellectual, insightful, ingenious and truly helpful information on the topic of traveling around the world, aka RTW travel! 

Whether it's the methodical insights from Teague, the lively perceptions from Elissa, the intellectual pontifications from Matt, or the astute ramblings from Jen - you are sure to find both an educational and entertaining experience with That's How I Roam. 

We've also got plenty of thoughts and opinions to share on just about everything that we experience and we want to share them with YOU! If we had a great stay somewhere, we'll let you know in accommodations. If we had an amazing meal somewhere, we'll give you the low-down in food. Curious about a certain product we've used, we've got a reivew on it! We found a kick-ass little hide-away place; got a review on it? You betcha! Thinking about the activities in certain locations - we'll let you know all about them!






Is there a topic that you're looking for that we haven't covered? Shoot us a message on the site or on Facebook and if we've got some experience on the topic or just some helpful hints to guide you in the right direction, we would be happy to help!


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