Mexican Mediocrity

Apr 05, 2014

Mexico is a fine place to visit with many wonderful things to see, do and eat. That being said, I found that our time in Mexico was mediocre. Not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly not ‘Oh my god how could I possibly leave this place’ good.

Tulum is a fine but small town full of touristy crap to buy (t-shirts, bags, lucha libre masks) with interesting ruins and nice white sand beaches. But neither those things would draw me back to the Yucatán.

The food as mentioned in a previous post was tasty, but did not live up to the hype I had personally placed on it. Again this in no way means it was bad, just not great.

The two most impressive things I experienced in Mexico were the cenotes (AMAZING) and the organization and professionalism of the ground based transportation (buses and taxis).

Beyond that it is a nice place to visit, and I am certainly glad I did, however it feels forgettable and probably will get lost amongst all the other sights, sounds and taste experiences yet to come.

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