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Nov 29, 2013

I know I have a problem. I know it. I fully admit it. I recognize that I am in need of a good pillow. I am a bit of a pillow snob. This is not to say I need some expensive swan down, 7000 thread count, Platinum Edition pillow. But it needs to be extraordinarily comfortable.

Needless to stay most hostel provided pillows and compact travel pillows do not fit the bill. Generally thin, worn, head weary from night after night, stranger after stranger plopping down their dome for a few hours of shut eye. That, although better than sleeping on say a cold hard jail cell floor or porcupine, just doesn’t appeal to me for the long haul. Setting off for untold months of crappy pillows I was worried for the sake of my precious brain cage. That is until I found the Nemo Fillo.

 Nemo Fillo


The Fillo combines two types of pillow to pack an unmatched comfort punch. It has 1-inch of memory foam above an air cell for additional firmness. It is wrapped in a washable micro-suede cover to coax you into a soft, dream-filled rest. The memory foam is comfortable enough to begin with, but adding the ability to alter the overall firmness

Beyond the sheer comfort this pillow provides, there are several other amenities Nemo threw in because – well I don’t know why – but it is awesome they did. The Fillo includes an attached stuff sack and compression strap. That means a pillow, which when open measures 17”x10.5” can be contorted into a ball the size of a hearty apple.

 Nemo Fillo Sack


 On the backside of the Fillo there is cordage to affix an additional layer. If you are a two pillow person, which I am, you can take your unused coat, hoodie, or even a lesser pillow and give yourself that much more of a luxurious experience. On the downside, the cords do mean that you cannot flip the Fillo to ensure you have access to the ‘cool side.’

 Nemo Fillo with Coat


The Nemo Fillo is hands down the best travel pillow I have ever used. For this pillow snob’s money, this is the best thing next to my wife’s shoulder to feeling like I am sleeping at home, outside of my bed.

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