So far, Colombia is AWESOME!

Colombia was not on our list of places to go originally. In fact, I think I recall saying something like “eh fuck it, Colombia doesn’t really appeal to me and we’ll probably fly i…

Road Friends

Traveling forces you to make fast friends. Sometimes they are single-serving friends (thanks “Narrator” from Fight-Club) like the kind you might make on a plane or while having a …

Goodbye Central America, you have been awesome

  So we made it to Panama and likely our final destination in this country and the region, Panama City. Leaving CA (Central America) is exciting but I will miss it a little. Th…

Two Words: Casco Viejo

  When we started our day today, we didn't have much of a plan as to how we wanted to spend our day. It looked a lot like rain and I was still getting over a head cold and deal…

Accommodations in Uvita, Costa Rica: Tucan Hotel

  Arriving in Uvita, Costa Rica, your options for accommodations are rather limited. Before leaving Manuel Antonio, we decided to give the Tucan Hotel a try and reserved our us…

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