5 Ways To Have A Smooth Border Crossing Into Panama

  1)   Schedule your departure out of Costa Rica for a weekday or maybe just not a holiday weekend. We were forced to pay our exit tax at the sketchy van because the bank and p…

Crossing The Costa Rica-Panama Border

I would like to preface this with two separate items: 1)   We crossed on the Pacific side from Costa Rica into Panama at the Paso Canoas Border Crossing 2)   This was b…

Packing to Roam

Written by Guest Roamer: Kelly O'Connell   Quite a bit of planning can go into travel, or as I prefer, hardly any at all.  One aspect that I do not skimp on however, is my pack…

Back On The Road Again

Looking back at the past 4 months, it’s crazy to think that we’ve actually only “traveled” for 3 and a half weeks.  If you want to count the first 10 days that we were on Utila sta…

Yoga in Utila

  After finishing up my third yoga practice back on Utila a couple weeks ago (my 5th practice on the trip, and probably my 10th ever), I must say that it’s pretty great. I’m no…

My favorite things to do in Utila

Cheap diving, cheap accommodations and a party atmosphere that is sure to leave even the most seasoned traveler a little worse for the wear is what Utila is known for. If you’re l…

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