I had planned on writing this well before we left on this trip, but my words always seemed...pitiful. Pitiful in comparison to how I wanted them to sound. The fact that we woul…

That Time A Dinosaur Almost Ate Us In Guatemala

  So there we were...exploring the area around our hostel in San Miguel, Guatemala (which is right across the lake from Flores). Matthew and I had decided to check it out becau…

A Photo Essay: Semana Santa in Flores, Guatemala

We happened to be in Flores, Guatemala for Semana Santa (meaning Holy Week, which is the week leading up to Easter Sunday) and the festivites that occurred blew. me. away. On Goo…

It's 5 O'Clock - Don't Even Think About Buying That Beer

  It’s Sunday; you’re on vacation in Utila. For now, Monday doesn’t exist and you can do whatever the hell you want. Cocktails? Sure, why not; you’ve got nothing to do tomorrow…

Magnum Drinking Opus - Belizean Edition

Drinks in Belize
Beer in Belize pretty much begins and ends with Belikin.     In fact, all beer produced in Belize does in fact begin and end with Belikin. From what we were told on C…

Fast Friends - Bonds of Hatred

Finding Commonalities Through Stereotypes and a Sense of Humor
What do a German, an Irishman, two Canadians and four Americans have in common...? More than you would think. But the correct answer is they are all fast friends.  Living in a …

Caye Caulker - You Better Belize It

Overview of Belize's Original Rasta Island
Set apart from mainland Belize by a 40 minute water taxi ride is the tiny Rastafied island of Cay Caulker (pronounced KAY (like the overpriced, underwhelming national jewelery ret…

My Bedhead is Better Than Yours Vol II

Well folks, I promised (or threatened, whichever you feel best describes your feelings) that I would keep you updated on my hair goings on. I can honestly say that after a month o…

What Kind of Airline Charges for Baggage on an International Flight?!

  Welcome to my first rant post!  As some of you may or may not know, I will be traveling home for a week and a half to attend two weddings. I made the decision to do this k…

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