Are You Ready?

  Are you ready?! Because we are!   We're now less than 24 hours from the start to our RTW trip. We've been asked more times than we can count over the last few days how…

What's your first stop?

“Where are you going first?” This is the question that I’ve been asked most often over the past few days. I always answer “south Mexico before headed into Belize and Guatemala.” T…

No Job and No Phone: The First 48 Hours

The Literal First-48: My first 48 hours of being “jobless” has come to a close and it was full of some interesting revelations and realizations. Leading up to my last day of …

What if money were no object?

“What would you do with your life if money were no object?” Guidance counselors have asked this question thousands of times but I wonder how often people fulfill whatever their an…

Mugged While Traveling: 6 Safety Tips for Travelers

Have you ever heard a personal account of a mugging in a foreign country? Well, you’re about to. Everyone fears the unknown a little but when it comes to travel, people seem to…

Travel Requires Leaps of Faith: How This All Began

    I just came across the exchange between me and Jen via Facebook that started it all...   _________________________________________________________________________…

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