Around the World Travel Advice: Your travel wallet and other handy documents

What's in your travel wallet? A few tips on what to bring.
Watch, wallet, spectacles and testicles… Check, check, check and… well you get the idea. So the time has arrived, you’ve executed your savings plan, you’ve set your gaze on the ho…

Around the World Travel Advice: The little things are often the most memorable

Around the World Travel: The little things are often the most memorable. The little things are those countless moments between the big ones which add up to be the best moments of any adventure.
Whenever I talk about my past travels, people love to hear about the places I’ve been and what I saw. They ask questions like, “did you see the Eiffel Tower?” or “did you get a ch…

My Bedhead is Better Than Yours

My sisters and I have this thing where we text each other bad pictures of mostly each other. It's actually pretty astounding how many terrible pictures we have saved on our phones…

Career Break Advice: Telling your boss that you plan to leave.

So now its time to tell your employer that you’re leaving; if you’re anything like me, the idea of letting down your boss and colleagues is driving you mad with guilt. If you’…

What's Your Itinerary?

Just about every time I’ve talked to anyone about this wonderfully exciting trip of ours, one of the first questions is, “So where are you going?!” I’ve answered it in many …

Around the World Travel Gear: Goal Zero Switch 8 + USB Powered LED light = Great travel tech

The Switch 8 is a great little charger and when coupled with a USB power LED is an excellent multi-purpose flashlight capable of recharging lots of devices.
When you think of travel gear, a flashlight (“torch” to all the Brits and Ausi’s out there) probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t dismiss this essential piece o…

This Life Will Self Destruct In 3.....2.....1

A little self-destruction is probably a good thing every once in a while. Dismantling certain parts of your life, as if taking apart a Lego castle, allows you to survey the pieces…

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