Traveling Partners: Are We Crazy?

There’s something about our little star-crossed roaming quartet that some may find surprising. We are not the closest of friends. What I mean by that is that we actually don’…

Get These Travel Apps

I figured I would keep this simple.  Here is a quick list of apps I have downloaded specifically for travel purposes. Skype     Want to stay in touch with those at home? …

Around the World Travel Advice: The savings plan

Let the saving begin! Check out this post for an overview of our savings plan.
Saving for travel has become a way of life over the past two years. It seems as if everything we do is somehow related to or influenced by our plan to save every penny that passes …

UPDATE: RTW Birth Control

  If you didn't get a chance to read my first post, check it out! You can learn a little bit about your IUD options and what I found regarding the topic. One Month Later: …

Comfortable Footwear – The Day-Drinkers Dream

I am certain there will be many a blog written about what footwear is best for various activities. What shoe is the best combination of waterproof and lightweight that can stand u…

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Where Are Elissa & Matt?

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