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Lie Your Weary Head Here

I know I have a problem. I know it. I fully admit it. I recognize that I am in need of a good pillow. I am a bit of a pillow snob. This is not to say I need some expensive swan do…

Not All Reactions Will be Good Ones, and That's Okay

If you’re planning a RTW trip like this, don’t be surprised if and when you meet resistance. You may be more excited than ever, but your friends, family and acquaintances may not …

RTW Travel for Women: Birth Control

  When we first decided to embark on this amazing RTW adventure, the question of what to do about birth control was one of the first to come to mind. I did a bunch of searching …

Jen's Story

From the day I was born I was always wandering, I was always curious about everything around me. And I definitely was not ready or willing to do anything that anyone told me to d…

Oh the Woes of Buying a Pack as a Small Statured Woman...

I am small. Not the smallest, but still quite small. I measure up at 5’1” and I have a ridiculously small torso at 15.5” which is just inside the smallest range possible befor…

The Heat… My God The HEAT

There are certainly a few things that scare me when I think of setting off into the world with little more than my wits and some stored knowledge of various places I might end up …

Career Break Advice: 10 Steps for planning your trip

10 Steps to planning your big adventure.
Planning what you’ll do on your trip and where you’ll go is easy and fun. Planning to make the trip possible isn’t as glamorous but far more crucial. A good plan can’t be overlook…

Tough Conversations

  I watched this wonderful TED Talk last night presented by a woman who happened to be a lesbian, and her talk was an effort to make everyone see that we’re really all the same…

Being Wrong…A Good Thing?

The expected reaction from friends, family, coworkers and strangers alike was supposed to sound like that. Confusion, exasperation, exclamation. What happened really couldn’t b…

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