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Dec 27, 2013

I figured I would keep this simple.  Here is a quick list of apps I have downloaded specifically for travel purposes.



 Want to stay in touch with those at home? I thought so. Want to pay those hefty international call charges? Nope… Me neither. This is probably not the first time you have heard of Skype. If it is, Skype is an internet based voice service. Meaning you will be able to call other Skype members for free as long as you have an internet connection. Best done over WiFi otherwise that international data you were avoiding will crop back up.

Simply choose from your list of Skype contacts and give them a ring. It is best to set up a time to do so if they are using their PC rather than a cell phone.

Minutes can be purchased from Skype to place calls to non-Skype numbers. But really at this point, anyone you will want to stay in touch with has a computer or smart phone so the calls can stay fee.



This is just like Skype apart from it gives you the ability to text other Viber members. This must be done over WiFi.

This one came from my wife’s family who used it while their folks were visiting Israel/Jordan. Ultra convenient and even better, totally free.

Google Translate

Google Translate

I will be the first to admit that I do not speak any languages fluently apart from English. I also will be upfront when I say that I know I will not learn all the languages I may need during my trip. I won’t be able to learn Spanish, Portugese, Thai, Mandarin, and Arabic. I just won’t. Luckily Google has already learned it. Those and pretty much other language you’ll come across.

As many of the widely used languages also have the option of listening to a recording of your selected word/phrase you can quickly teach yourself the most needed sayings (How much for that beer?

XE Currency Converter

XE Currency Converter

Need to know how far your dollar will go in Honduas? XE Currency Converter can tell you. This app gives you up to the minute currency conversions. This way you will always know if you are being ripped off because you are obviously not from around those parts. As helpful as XE Currency Converter is, actually finding someone to give you a true and up-to-date exchange rate is a bit tougher and unfortunately there is no app for it yet (that I know of).

WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder

Want to be able to use all those awesome free apps to check if your money is not worthless and call home to check on your beloved pets and get latest dish on American Idol? First you are going to need some WiFi. Preferably some free WiFi.  WiFi Finder does what its name suggests. This app gives you the ability to search out the closest and better yet strongest signal in the area.

City Maps 2 Go

City Maps 2 Go

An app for maps is never a bad thing in my opinion. Although I like maps. City Maps 2 Go is my choice merely because it gives you the ability to download city maps for future use and not have to worry if you have WiFi to pull it up. If you know where your next destination will be and you have internet connection now, grab the map of the next place and be prepared when you arrive.

A few other general ideas

Get some games. Sudoku, crosswords, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja whatever you like. Something to keep yourself entertained on long flights or bus rides.

E-reader app – Same as the above. Good way to pass the hours on the beach, or on the train. Always good to keep yourself mentally sharp wherever you are.

Anyway, just a few to get yourself started. I will certainly update if anything else crops up that is a must have.


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