What Kind of Airline Charges for Baggage on an International Flight?!

May 06, 2014


Welcome to my first rant post! 

As some of you may or may not know, I will be traveling home for a week and a half to attend two weddings. I made the decision to do this knowing that I would be leaving and returning from the same place, making it much easier to do so. Add a reasonably priced flight and it was an easy(er) decision.


As we have been approaching my departure from Utila, I have been making a mental list of all the things I would like to bring back with me from home. You know, things like normal size bottles of body wash, extra clothing, tequila, food, etc.; anything that might be useful during our extended stay on the island. I started doing some research to find out exactly what size bag I could bring back, filled with all of these goodies. In doing so, I wanted to double check that the intel provided by my fellow roamers was accurate: that there is no fee on your first checked bag on an international flight. It sounded right. I believed them.

So there I was, searching around Delta’s website for the information I needed as that’s who I’m flying with. First of all, their little charts are fucking confusing. If you’re going to this country from that country but you bought your ticket now and not then and you’re seated in this class and not that class then you don’t have to pay a baggage fee. Really? Second, WHY out of all of the Americas, is Central America excluded from the list of destinations that do not have a baggage fee?! Of all the places in that goddamn chart, the one that I’m going to is not on it. EFF Delta on that one! I already don’t like using Delta, now they’ve just sealed the deal for me. Done, done, and done with that shit.

I could have taken literally any one of the other four major carriers and not had to pay a fee. Lucky me though, I picked the absolute worst one for my intended destination. This is not to say that all of the other carriers don’t have international baggage fees, because half of them do, depending on the destination. However, if you happen to be flying to San Pedro Sula, DO NOT take Delta. I repeat, do not take Delta! 

So here’s what to do if you plan on doing anything like this: research. Do your mo’fuggin research. Even if you don’t think you’ll be checking a bag, look into it anyways. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you all of a sudden do need to check a bag and you’re stuck with the fee.



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Roam on!





Written by Jen Hays
Jen is a marketer with a passion for the digital world and an insatiable desire to travel and explore all that the physical world has to offer; marrying the two to share her experiences with and inspire all who join her along the way.

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