The pStyle: Don’t Leave Home Without It…Seriously.

Oct 05, 2013

I need to share with the world, my absolute favorite invention of this century. Screw the hybrid cars and robots and segways. For my money, it’s gotta be the pStyle. Let me explain…

Ladies, we’ve all been there. In the woods a ways off from your campsite, pants dropped around your ankles, awkwardly half-supporting yourself with a tree, and ass as far back as you can in your squat so as to not cover yourself in urine. You return back to camp with a bug-bitten booty and possible poison ivy, only to watch a guy walk some steps into the woods, unzip and pee with such ease and speed that you can’t help but curse the skies for being unable to do the same.

Or how about you’re at an event where your only option is to brave the human excrement-covered hot box from hell to take a piss. I know I don’t need to run through that ordeal!

Well ladies, enter the pStyle. This magical little piece of plastic, lovingly coined the "piss taco" by my good friend Pam, will without a doubt CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It’s essentially plastic molded into a taco-esque shape, but closed on one end.


To use, you just cup the thing to your lady bits with the closed end towards the tush, open end out in front of you, and go right on peeing. No really, that’s it. The plastic funnels that golden stream away from you and onto the ground. You then pull the pStyle forward, allowing the closed end to “wipe” along the way. No need to squat, shake, lean, fall over, trek a mile into the woods, or any of that. You simply unbutton, unzip, cup the V and wham bam piss taco!

Now I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true. Surely it can’t be this easy. I have in fact had a few mishaps a couple of times using the pStyle and I know my friends have to. It does take some getting used to and if you are a jet stream pee-er, you will need to reign in that pressure. I would strongly suggest practicing at home first to get a feel for it.

I keep mine in a small bag with a zipper, which I can just throw in with the laundry when I get home from my trip. The bag I use actually has a separate pocket, which I find helpful, for storing hand sanitizer and anything else you might want. I keep a karabiner on the bag so that I can clip it easily to a bag or belt loop so that when in a porta-potty, I don’t need to hold it.

When you are done using the pStyle, you can either wash it with soap and water or wipe it down with sanitary wipes. If you are unable to do either one of these, you just shake off the pStyle so that there is no excess moisture and wash at your earliest convenience. It is even dishwasher safe!

The pStyle comes in 6 colors, and are only $12. They offer discounts on the website for buying more than one so my friends and I all put in an order together. You can buy them using the links on this page or there are a few locations in NYC that you can pick them up if you live in the area. There are several other versions and designs of this glorious contraption, however I have only ever used the pStyle so I cannot attest as to their awesomeness or lack thereof.

So go ahead ladies, and experience the freedom that the pStyle allows you. This little thing is quite the game changer!

Big ups to my dear friends and the cutest couple ever, Xan and Ang Robins for showing me the light where once there were bug bites.

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